J. Peter McNerney


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The Bestest Dad That Ever Lived

Written by daughter Caroline, "The Bestest Dad That Ever Lived" is here: Eulogy.  I read this over and over and marvel and how good we had it, and try to be even half the person and father that he was.


Sadly, the Toledo paper spoiled and distorted the obituary.  To  read the full obituary, as written by daughter Betsy, click here: Obituary


If I were a young man or boy again, I would seek only God's will, surrendering my own ambitions and self-service in favor of His plans for me.  I would be "converted," as the phrase goes, "from self-service to God service."  One of the by-products of this, of course, would be that I would be "unleashed from the shackles of self concern" as Richard Niehbur once put it.  But the main end would be not to achieve this, but to become wholly God's, trusting that his plans for me and his use of my life would be far better than my own small ambitions for myself.  I didn't do this, though certainly I had intimations and questions of how one —anyone— could serve both God and the ordinary pursuit of worldly ends.

Since I didn't take this course —wasn't wise enough or dedicated enough or filled with grace enough to do this— I have to start now and do this.  And, with God's grace, I now propose so to do —to become wholly God's, as Brother Lawrence puts it. (He says: "seek out to become wholly God's.)  God, help me to do so, starting today.



And, God, give me joy.


Give me joy that I may enjoy Your world — and that I may bring joy to others.

Grant me a full understanding and awareness of Your love.  That must and will bring joy.  And through it, I may then love others.


—September 13, 1978
From Pete's journal